P. Edronkin

Taking Youngsters To Wilderness Trips (V).

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"I still personally think that riding a plane is safer than climbing, but regulations are regulations, and if you violate them, the company could easily consider your contract with them void.
One last thing that usually characterises expeditions and trips with youngsters is the fact that the younger the participants are, the more entertainment and games you should plan for the trip. They should not perceive the occasion as plain forced labour, but as an entertaining experience, so try to organise a game of football (American, rugby or traditional), hide-and-seek tournament, some construction projects, etc. along the way. You should show then your real leadership skills.

Table games such as chess, monopoly, etc. are also great, but unless you provide the means for all to participate, those not playing will soon become bored, so always thing about involving everyone on your games.

Dawn on the Patagonian coast.
Dawn on a deserted shore in the Patagonian coast.

Besides, if you use the occasion to raise the youngsters’ self-esteem by providing encouragement and a good example, you would do them a great service for the rest of their lives, and who knows? You could as well discover a new vocation."

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