P. Edronkin

How to Construct Stone Ovens (Part I).

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"If you stay camping for a while at any given place in the wilderness, or if you have just built a shelter or cabin for you, on eof the things that will become more practical for you is a stone oven.

An oven is inherently more efficient than a campfire, it uses heat better and saves on combustible which at times could become scarce. Besides, it allows you to cook better, and faster, not to mention that it adds variety to your meals.

It could also be useful if you want to manufacture your own pottery pieces such as jars, plates, pots and pans.

It is not difficult to construct a stone oven, but you should take into account the wind and ventilation which are necessary for it to work properly.

We at the Gea have developed a network of shelters in some areas of Patagonia, such as the Blanco Valley. Each shelter or cabin is at half a day’s walk from the next one. There is some gear and food stored on each one, as well as a campfire or stone oven, ready to be used.

The sote oven at Las Brisas. There, we have prepared pizzas, crepes,
chocolate cakes, pancakes, bread, and other assorted meals. You
can see the combustion chamber at the bottom, together with a pan
filled with warm bread. Since the prevailing winds at that particular
valley come from the north or the south, the door of the oven points
to the east in order to give the thing an optimum oxygenation.

Adding a combustible reserve there, provides any visitor with means so rapidly start a fire, cook and take a rest faster than in any other case. Trekkers know how long can it take to prepare a camp until you can really rest a little."

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