P. Edronkin

How to Construct Stone Ovens (Part III).

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"You can then use flat stones, wire, etc. to build both your cooking surface as well as the roof of the oven, but make sure that you fix them tightly to the structure before actually using the oven, because the weight of your cooking materials and food could make the whole thing tip over if it is not properly set.

If you close all gaps and spaces between the big stones that conform the main structure of the oven, you could then use it even more efficiently: suppose that you start cooking , and it takes you an hour to finish. All that time you would be using your combustible.

By providing your camp with a flat and heated surface, protected from direct flames, you could dry your clothes or gear over the oven while you cook, using the same amount of wood or any other combustible.

Thus, you would save your time directly and indirectly, because you will not have to put any pieces of your gear near a fire which indeed need vigilance and you will not have to spend your time and energy seeking for more wood.

On big or long-term expeditions, such ovens could make your life a lot easier, because consuming wood or combustibles could become a critical problem under such circumstances, but if you develop some means to save on combustibles, your logistics could look better than ever.

Wet wood acting as an oven.
A structure made out of wet wood can act
as an oven for a while. This is a great
technique for building improvised ovens.

And one last word of advice: if you think that stone ovens are not worth the effort, think again, because the first metal workers and smiths used them to melt gold and other metals, just with a couple of logs burning underneath.

For more on ovens and cooking, click here."

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