P. Edronkin

How to Educate Natural Leaders (II).

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"Since these talented individuals always show a deep impact upon the life of the organisation, it is important to consider the nature of all related incorporation processes. In other words, these should be geared to obtain or hire the most talented individuals.
Most of these talents will be related to the organisationís main activities and goals. In a sports team, athletic talents are important. In finance, an instinct for business is crucial, etc. Each activity and scope has its own characteristics and demands, and thus, there will be talented individuals to fill all gaps.
However, from the moment on in which we are speaking about organisations and groups, there is a common element among all of them. All these collections of people and means share a common element, which is the social form of their organisation and structure.

That creates a common fact: the need for proficient management and thus, the need for a talent specific for that requirement arises, in all of them. Managing is to lead, and thus, natural leadership is a very special ability useful yin any kind of group or society.

To lead does not translate automatically into lust for power or the capacity to generate enthusiasm among others. It canít be said either that someone is in possession of such a talent just because the person in question has a given self-perception regarding it."

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