P. Edronkin

How to Educate Natural Leaders (IV).

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"People naturally endowed to be in charge of whatever business often find it difficult to communicate with subordinates, and in other cases, some individuals seem to take the initiative randomly.

These false leaders find easier their task if they act completely on their own and take decisions about themselves and others, and can initially delude or convince others about their ostensible capabilities, while hiding their shortcomings as leaders.

Sooner or later, this would translate into trouble:

1)- Such leaders will be seen as having a double standard to judge themselves and others.

2)- They possess an unstable character, and there is no guarantee to protect the organisation under such circumstances. Their personal problems, for example, might translate into corporate policies decided by them.

3)- These are essentially selfish people that will never use the same standard to judge others and themselves.

4)- The loss of credibility that they will suffer once exposed could well extend to their investiture and to the institutions that put them in the job in the first place.

5)- These individuals might find it easier to ignore small things and overstep prerogatives.

In many cases, such individuals will be very competent on some areas of interest, but will certainly fail whenever their leadership capabilities are put to the test."

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