P. Edronkin

How to Educate Natural Leaders (V).

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"Now we should consider the differences between informal and formal leaders: a formal leader surges organically from the organisation, while in short, a natural or informal leader bases his power on charisma.
Natural leaders tend to be revolutionaries in their fields. Formal leaders tend to be cautious and prudent.

Both kinds of leaders are necessary in different situations: it could be necessary, under a crisis, to take quick and unorthodox decisions, but in other cases it could be necessary to deeply ponder each step before taking it.

Thus, according to the kind of environment in which an organisation develops, its natural evolution will indicate whether one or the other kind of leaders is more apt for interaction within that framework.

Consequently, it is easily deduced that organisations can be characterised by the kind of leadership that they endure or enjoy, and that such leadership styles are a direct result of the evolution of the group within a given environment."

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