P. Edronkin

How to Educate Natural Leaders (VI).

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"According to the personality of the leaders, there are two kinds of organisations:

1)- Informal: labour unions as well as revolutions are in general leaded by natural leaders. In those organisations that appear as a reaction to a given status quo, leaders tend to be based on their charisma and are only loosely formal.

2)- Formal: armies, corporations, academia and governments are generally ruled by formal leaders. An environment with settled and clear rules only bears such leaders because it is responding to environmental pressures in such a sense.

It is the surrounding environment what determines what kind of leaders will appear on a given organisation, and which ones will tend to be better for it. Thus, it is left into the hands of the leaders themselves to evaluate and affect the destiny of their own class by evaluating their own actions and acting in consequence.

According to the kind of organisation, one for or another, or perhaps even a hybrid between both styles of command will become preponderant, and it will never be advisable to challenge this fact.

There are individuals who will act as good leaders under a given set of circumstances, while in different conditions they will never assume such a role."

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