Don Pablo Edronkin

How to Educate Natural Leaders (VII).

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"This can be observed in our history: caudillos or revolutionary leaders who have been effective in their fight against prevailing forces within a society seldom make good politicians after the new power structures are finally settled.

Thomas Paine is one of the best examples in this regard. The leaders of the French Revolution and many South American revolutionaries followed similar destinies.

Of course, the contrary could also happen: who is considered as a good leader under normal or near idea circumstances may not be competent anymore when the environment changes. This is a common political change that ends many politicianís careers.

For example, citizens of South American countries often find themselves with Presidents and other political leaders who might not be themselves corrupt or evil, but totally overwhelmed by the present situation.

Those are indeed, leaders unsuitable for the moment they are in charge, especially when deep and serious social changes should take place, because these usually demand a self-critique ability that formal leaders usually lack as members of already established political organisations to which they must respond in one way or another."

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