P. Edronkin

How to Educate Natural Leaders (VIII).

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"This does not necessarily entails that revolutionary leaders will be automatically good for such circumstances, but only that they are preferable whenever changes must take place.

In such cases, for the changes to become reasonable and fruitful, without serious collateral damage, the talent of the informal leader should be correctly understood, and the person in question should be advised in order to fulfil his or her duty properly.

Informal leaders are often not very well endowed in academic and cultural terms, and it is a common mistake among them to believe that since their power comes from their charisma, they have a green light to do anything.

If a poor formation is combined with incipient megalomania are present, then the conditions for a major disaster will grow because those leaders, while they enjoy the often irrational support of the people, will do as they please, committing mistakes along the way which will escape serious scrutiny and perpetuating the cycle."

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