Don Pablo Edronkin

How to Educate Natural Leaders (IX).

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"The effect of such a vicious cycle will be that a contrary faction among the population will sooner or later gain strength until the older leader is ousted and the process repeated.

This tends to become a perpetual situation: the case of General Perón in Argentina is perhaps one of the clearest examples in this regard.

Formal leaders usually require less common sense than their informal counterparts because the structures of the organisations that put them at the helm in the first place often are able to provide some means of fighting their ignorance in institutional terms, at least for a while.

If a formal leader shows incompetence, it is relatively easy to replace it following already established rules. The cost of ousting an informal leader is usually much higher, the results more irregular and the grounds for doing so more questionable because it is often the case that established rules don’t apply during such processes."

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