P. Edronkin

How to Educate Natural Leaders (XI).

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"The particular case of Mr. Milosevic is also an example of what can informal leaders accomplish and how they can manipulate others to perpetuate themselves in power: only after four lost wars, the total destruction of Yugoslavia and countless damages and deaths, his opponents could take him out of power, and even then he enjoyed widespread support.

Those who have the talent to lead will always find the way to do se. It is common that this will involve at some given point the chance to break the rules in order to perpetuate their privileged situation.

From a purely logical standpoint, this should not come as a surprise to anyone: Plato wrote once that Justice is the advantage of the powerful, and having already acquired power, it follows that leaders will often nurture it to their advantage.

This manipulation of the rules exists even under well-established, formal governments or management characterised for a serious and otherwise responsible job: being other factors equal, a leader faced with a choice among two different paths to be followed will naturally tend to choose that one which gives him or her more benefits.

Leadership viewed as a talent is something that should be stimulated right from the beginning of any career. As soon as it is detected in a given person, it is necessary for the authorities of the organisation in which this person dwells to attract that individual to their own sphere of power in order to properly train the person in question."

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