P. Edronkin

How to Educate Natural Leaders (XII).

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"I order to do so, the leaders of the organisation will have to employ the best educational resources available for two main reasons:

1)- Because in this manner, they will provide a better education. Many times, talents which are not stimulated on a properly time and fashion tend to burn out, or it can also be the case that environmental conditions that allowed their incipient growth disappear and then, the talents in question are left dormant or unusable. For example, marriage could make some people settle-down and change their minds, leaving behind illusions, plans, etc.

It is not possible to fight against natural leadership talents; the best solution is always to channel those talents in a proper way, and such an educational process must start as soon as the person in question is perceived to have it because another characteristic of talented leaders, however incipient, is that they quickly sense the rules of engagement in any given environment, whether these are formal or informal, and sooner or later will begin to take advantage of them."

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