P. Edronkin

How to Educate Natural Leaders (XIII).

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"2)- Each potential leader tends to look for a mentor, and if this mentor is not a trusted member of the organisation, then it will probably be an adversary. Any leader is more valuable than many subordinates, like some pieces in a chess board, and losing one to the competence is not the same as losing a plain and simple employee.

In such a relationship, both the master and the apprentice obtain benefits. It is a classical win-win situation. However, if the master rejects the apprentice too soon, then this person will seek for another master and in many cases, this new mentor will be a rival.

In such a case, the apprentice will not lose, because ambition will propel this person to obtain what he or she wants, sooner or later; however, the former master will be the one bearing the losses.

If a potential leader is left to his own devices during a sufficiently long period of time, no matter how good the training given after that instance is, he will have learned which are the weak spots in the armour of his former masters, and will take advantage of them whenever seems fit."

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