P. Edronkin

How to Educate Natural Leaders (XIV).

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"If a correlation between the personal benefits of such potential leaders and the sponsoring organisation is not maintained because those incipient leaders have been ignored for a while and they have formed their own agenda, then the organisation will face only new conflict hypotheses.

Efficient educational institutions and systems are absolutely necessary within all organisations because these are the ones in charge of training new members and are also those that will have to identify potential talents. Among these talents, leadership abilities should take priority.

It is hardly surprising to see that in those organisations where scant attention is paid to education we are able to witness the higher rates of corruption, scandals and lack of professionalism, where changes tend to be violent and revolutionary, and stagnation is the name of the long-term game.
One very important rule to be observed in the case of all incipient leaders is that mentors should never show them an excess of trust and confidence, because an apprentice might feel then that he is already fit to do things which are still outside his reach and will consequently fail."

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