Don Pablo Edronkin

How to Educate Natural Leaders (XV).

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"The fact that they are above the norm regarding their natural capabilities does not mean that apprentice leaders are automatically fit or entitled to have certain tenures or fulfil certain roles.

In many cases, an excess of confidence and trust leads these new leaders to commit mistakes that a higher degree of maturity would have avoided, an din such a way, they truncate their otherwise promising careers. This can be avoided.

If the characteristic recklessness of the inexperienced is combined with those of an informal leader, an aberrant environment could then begin to form, where obligations and rights of the members of the organisation or society are not respected, and where each member begins to act on his own.

The French Revolution and the following anarchy are a very clear example of this concept. The revolutionary leaders could not adapt themselves in order to occupy the offices of the abolished nobility; they could not erase the effects of their own inflaming speeches and writings expressed while they were more inexperienced and eventually, they became victims of their own revolution too."

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