Don Pablo Edronkin

How to Educate Natural Leaders (XVI).

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"If the inexperienced leader is of a formal nature, then what will be as a result of such a process is the proverbial technocrat, filled with pseudo intellectual snobbery and hardly predisposed to listen to any arguments or opinions different to his or her own school of thought.

In this case, what will evolve is something akin to the evolution of Argentina and Brazil during the period from 1990 to the year 2000, when people who were technically qualified attempted to manage those societies based only on economical arguments.

Albeit they solved numerous problems, they also created numerous ones surged from the fact that they paid no attention to issues such as social policies, health, security, etc.

The long term effects of such developments are different from those achieved thorough the management of a reckless informal leader, but equally poisonous because the members of the society or organisation, after being transformed into mere spectators, are then able to observe how allegedly qualified professionals are unable to solve their problems and how these technocrats begin to loose contact with the society that they intend to represent.

In such cases, the reaction that evolves resembles that of the people when a scientists attempts to demonstrate that science is above all morality or ethics."

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