Don Pablo Edronkin

How to Educate Natural Leaders (XVII).

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"For a good development of leadership abilities, not only individual talents and the experience of a mentor are required: time is always a factor.

All leaders, both formal and informal, should always moderate their first or initial ideas and acts to make them fit within the framework of the organisation that they intend to represent. If not, they risk being put away: Hitler attempted with his 1924 Putsch to grab power in Bayern. He could not. However, he won the elections some years later, despite the fact that soon it became apparent that he was a dictator.

Those leaders who have been unquestionably appointed donít need and should never need to use excessive force in order to propel changes or their own points of view. If they do so, their legitimacy begins to erode, and they generate an organisational inertia which is contrary to the best interests of the group in the long run.

No organisation should ever allow anyone to modify easily and without restriction the rules of the game, whether they are called laws, edicts, or whatever, because that would be to plat the seeds for the decadence of the whole system.

No organisation should allow its leaders to take arbitrary measures that affect third parties without making them fully responsible for the consequences of such decisions.

Extreme measures are only understandable under strenuous circumstances such as a catastrophe, a state of siege, etc. but if those emergencies are extended over time then the originating causes are not environmental but related to leadership, and in order to improve on that department, better leaders will be required."

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