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On the Tracks of the Iron Horse (II).

By John Pitt
Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

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"We accompanied rugged, boulder-strewn rivers among waterfalls and forested hills until sunset, when it was time to investigate the dining car. Meals on board are usually freshly prepared and on this occasion there was excellent locally-caught trout on the menu. Afterwards, the bar was the place to go to enjoy a drink and the evening movie or a game of cards. Strangers quickly became friends in the laid back atmosphere and a girl from Manchester, England, told us she was out to see the world on $10 a day, intent on making maximum use of her rail pass to visit nearly every state inside a month.

Through panoramic windows in the observation lounge we watched the Cardinal's progress across the Ohio River towards the bright lights of Cincinnati. When the train stopped and we went back to our coach we found the attendant handing out free pillows. People began to settle down for the night. Getting a decent night's sleep was no problem since the coach had well-padded, reclining seats and I made sure to choose one which was well away from the noise of the sliding doors. I had also took a coat to wrap around me in case the air-conditioning became over exuberant."

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