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Fly & Bubble Rig for Lake Fishing (III).

By Greg Howard.
Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

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Cast the rig using a side-arm technique. Overhead casting may cause
the leader to snag behind you or to whip and snap off. The side-arm
lets the bubble lead and allows the fly to land without tension.
Retrieve with the pole at the side so hooking the fish can be done
with a snap of the wrist and arm.

Dry & wet flies should be retrieved very slowly as if the bug was
drifting towards the shore with the waves. Slight twitching may be
added to stimulate struggle. The bubble should make a slight wake to
ensure sufficient tension on the line. Strikes will then be felt and
distinguished over 'bumps'. The bubble also acts as a strike indicator,
so watch it carefully to hook the smart fish.

Submerged flies are a different game. Before casting, drop the fly &
bubble in the water and count as it sinks. Note the amount of
seconds per foot. After casting, count off the depth using your
predetermined seconds per foot gauge. Most submerged flies and
streamers work best at 5-10' depth, but sometimes a greater depth
might be desired. When at the depth chosen, the bubble will keep the
fly at this level for the first three-quarters of the retrieve. The bugger
or streamer will imitate a swimming action, so use a stop-&-go action
or add slow pulls while reeling."

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