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Fly & Bubble Rig for Lake Fishing (IV).

By Greg Howard.
Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

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Use a very short set when you feel the strike. If the fish is missed,
keep reeling slowly. Trout will often return for another look and a more
vicious follow-up strike.

When a fish is hooked, it is important to keep constant pressure on
the line to cut down on the possibility of the fish throwing the hook.
Keep your line and rod tip near the water to minimize the chances of
the trout becoming airborne. This creates a lot of surface tension
between the line and water which makes it harder for the trout to
leap with both the weight of the bubble and the wet line.


Use a net or beach-land the trout. The leader is long and often
tempts a novice to grab the line. The fighting fish is fighting the
tension and action of the pole. If the line  is grabbed, the spring
action ends and the fish fights only the strength of the line. Nine
times out of ten, the leader will snap. Rule of thumb: NEVER GRAB THE
LINE! Play and tire the fish out, then land or net the trout."

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