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A Gardener's Diary (II).

By Rachel Paxton -
Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

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"The poor tulips never recovered from the cold and didn't bloom at all! One plant that doesn't seem to care where it is planted is our rhubarb. It has been moved from house to house several times, it has grown in different types of soil, and it has been watered inconsistently. I then cut it all off and it grows right back again! This plant seems impossible to harm.

We're experimenting with daisies this year. I wanted to add some more color to our yard. I planted them in different places and will watch to see where they do best. I love looking at my yard and looking at all the different plants that people have given me. Who would have thought that plants could be keepsakes.

You can make notes in your diary as to who gave you what plants and what meaning they have to you. Our rhubarb plant is the same one that we had at our home when I was a child, and my mom gave me some of the chrysanthemums that were given to me and planted in her yard when my daughter was born almost twelve years ago. Walking around the yard I see flowers from my aunt, rosemary from my husband's grandmother, and the young maple tree my daughter grew from a seed several years ago. There are many memories in our small surroundings."

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