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Why should I trust You? (I).

By Jeffrey D. Murrah, LLD.

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Anytime we flip a switch, turn a key in the ignition, or mail a letter, we expect something to happen. Each act involves an exercise in trust. We trust that something will happen. Many times the question comes up, who or what do we trust? Trust is an essential, vital ingredient in our daily living. You cannot touch, taste or see trust, and you cannot live a day without escaping its effects.

One theorist defines trust as a belief in the goodness of others. I define trust as communication + commitment + time. The parties must feel free to communicate. Not just talk to the other person, but talk with the other, exchanging ideas.

The relationship must have commitment. Each party needs to feel that the other is committed to them, that they will not leave just because something is said or done with which they disagree. They need to know the other person has their best interest in mind and will stay with them.

Time is needed. Many times there will be open communication, there will be a commitment, but that commitment has not passed the test of time. In relationships where there is communication and a commitment that has passed the test of time, there is trust. This is the kind of trust a person can depend on.

When trust is established in families, everyone benefits. The environment becomes one where there is a lower amount of stress and home is a happier place.

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