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Why should I trust You? (II).

By Jeffrey D. Murrah, LLD.

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Some of the ways we can go about building trust are:

-Fulfil promises: When you make promises take the necessary steps to fulfill them. Children don't understand when parents are unable to keep their promises. If you are unable to keep a promise, make the effort to explain what happened.

-Say what you mean: The home becomes an untrustworthy environment when people make threats or say things they don't mean. They become empty words. It is important that people can trust what you say.

-Encourage others with kind words: Family members need to be built up. The home is to be a place where you can be refreshed at the end of the day. When homes don't have encouragement, they become a place of dread.

-Don't take what doesn't belong to you: This includes material things and liberties. Although this seems like a simplistic policy, it is very important in families. When we respect others' property and space, an environment of trust flourishes.

-Look for the good in situations: Sometimes the people we live with, or the situations we have to face are less than ideal. In these situations, it is important to find some good. This will help you make a change in your mind set so that you will be in a situation where trust can develop. If you only see the bad, it will destroy the atmosphere of safety. As a result, trust will go out the window.

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