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Soy is More Than Tofu (VI).

By Terry Hobbs.

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Miso -- A paste made from fermented soybeans (and sometimes with grains like brown rice). It is used in Japanese soups and to flavor sauces and dressings. It is very salty and a little is all that is needed. Miso comes in several varieties. Light miso, which is a light tan color, is rather mellow and sweet. The darker misos -- red, amber, and brown types -- have been aged longer and have stronger flavors.

Beans -- Can be eaten fresh, dry-roasted, or cooked. The fresh immature beans can be served freshly steamed (called edamame in Japanese restaurants) and have a mild flavor. They are green and shaped rather like lima beans.

The beans can also be dry-roasted like peanuts and make a tasty protein-rich snack food. They are usually called soy nuts.

Canned beans come in beige pr black varieties and can be added directly to soups. Dried beans need an overnight soaking and three hours of cooking time to make them edible.

Powder -- Soy protein powder is the protein from the bean that is left over after the oil has been extracted. Powders are sold as shake mixes (with the soy carbohydrates and flavors like chocolate added) or as soy isolates (with no carbohydrates and no flavors added). Both kinds of powders can be added to drinks. Soy isolates can be added to baked goods to boost protein levels.

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