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Negotiating Your Fitness Obstacles (I).

By Joe Senate.

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Almost everyone has been on a diet or belonged to a health club at one time or another. So, why is it, according to Frederick C. Hatfield Ph.D., that people are failing to realize their fitness goals at a rate of 80%?

Deciding to get in shape is definitely the first step; however, the road to fitness is fraught with potholes and detours. Enthusiasm is great, but it will only get you to the gym. From this point, knowledge or professional guidance will be necessary to transcend the 80% who take the wrong road.

First of all, letıs establish why we are starting a fitness regimen. Longevity? ...Usually not. Greater ease moving furniture? Doubtful.

When asked why they want to start exercising, my cients have invariably and euphemistically answered 'I want to feel better,' which is a roundabout way of saying they want to look better.

Although there are many factors that determine feelings of self worth, without a doubt, looking good is synonymous with feeling good.

Most peopleıs fitness training goals are cosmetic, and thatıs O.K.! This psychosocial phenomenon may seem primal and antiquated but it is however, real.

Itıs not politically correct to suggest that looking 'hot' is the best reason to exercise, but the benefits of exercise are irrefutable and the drawbacks of dubious exercise motivations are innocuous.

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