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Negotiating Your Fitness Obstacles (II).

By Joe Senate.

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There are four basic excuses I come across that can sabotage an intent to get fit. In a world where time is money, it has become en vogue to say 'I donıt have the time.'

Time is budgeted by priority. We find time to perform tasks that we see a consequence of not performing. People find time to shower, brush their teeth, blow dry their hair and put on their make-up because the consequence of avoiding these daily activities outweighs the convenience of not doing them.

Out of 168 hours in a week, I find it hard to believe someone cannot budget 3 hours to his or her health. The second excuse which I also give little credence to is: 'Well, Iıll see how I like it.'

If you are walking into a gym with this attitude you will have no problem finding a reason that good health is not for you. These people can usually be spotted by their skepticism regarding the contract that the gym requires for membership.

With them I wonder 'When youıre getting into the best shape youıve ever been in, how long did you plan on maintaining it...just a few months?'

Fitness is a lifestyle, and not accepting that, or thinking itıs just something you are trying on for size is a recipe for failure. Money can present minor challenges, however, there is always some way to exercise.

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