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Negotiating Your Fitness Obstacles (IV).

By Joe Senate.

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See if they have testimonials from previous clients. Interview them: do they have philosophies or a scientific explanation for the services they can provide you? Donıt assume your trainer is supposed to be a Marine drill instructor, tasked with making your life a living hell.

If you donıt genuinely like your trainer, things probably wonıt work out. Donıt use these guidelines as a yea or nayı checklist but as a system to take in the big picture and make an informed decision.

Experienced trainer have observed exercises performed more times in a few years than most people could ever see in a lifetime.

Without a personal trainer laying the biomechanical foundation you are likely to make a variety of mistakes ranging from spending ten sets on an abduction machine trying to slim the outer thigh, In reality, working the gluteus medius (an unnoticeable muscle in the butt, about the size of a biscuit!) to performing a set of bench presses, lowering thebar to a different point on the chest with each repetition exhausting few muscles sufficiently.

Not only will a stronger foundation be laid by learning proper exercise function, but a good trainer can sense when minor or major changes in frequency, intensity, duration, and selection of exercise need to be instituted.

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