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Negotiating Your Fitness Obstacles (V).

By Joe Senate.

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Body composition and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR‹ the amount of calories we burn hourly at rest) is greatly dependent on the amount of muscle we possess.

Whether you desire bulk, mass, or just tone you seek the same thing larger muscles. The qualities of muscle, i.e. shape and density, are predetermined by your parents. Your only option is size.

An inspiring trainer can convey the message to those who lack the desire to become competitive bodybuilders, that they will not become mass monsters like Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman, by accident. Increasing muscle mass will however raise their basil metabolic rate, facilitating decreased body-fat levels.

Training for an increase in muscle is not exactly simple; it integrates a variety of laws, principals, and general truths too detailed for many people, who often have lives too busy to commit to learning all of them.

A trainer can be implemented to assess a client and develop programs respecting philosophies such as The Weider Principles as outlined by Joe Weider, founder of Muscle & Fitness magazine, or the four Laws of Strength popularized by Dr. Tudor Bompa.

The Weider Principles state generalizations such as The Overload Principle which states that in order to gain in strength, size, or endurance from training, you must exercise against resistance greater than that normally encountered.

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