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Negotiating Your Fitness Obstacles (VI).

By Joe Senate.

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Dr. Bompa devised a training chronology starting with law #1 simply stating, before you develop muscle, develop joint flexibility.

Without an experienced trainer one can easily skip phases in Bompaıs or Weidersıs progressions leading to likely injuries, or limited progress.

In accordance with the myth that cardiovascular training has the greatest impact on body composition or more specifically fat loss, new fitness enthusiasts imitate a diet most appropriate for distance runners.

A trainer, certified by a credible organization will possess the knowledge to personalize a diet for a client, unlikely to be as high in processed carbohydrates or low in fat as we have grown to accept as healthy.

A good trainer can clarify the difference between dietary fat and fattening. Often dieters replace calories from fat, dispensing with oils, peanut butter, and their favorite meats, only to exchange those calories for high glycemic index carbohydrates which raise blood sugar levels quickly; therefore raising insulin levels which are culpable for fat storage.

It would not be unusual for an attentive trainer to suggest replacing a fat-free pasta, and French bread dinner, with a baked chicken and broccoli dinner for a client emphasizing fat loss, after evaluating and consulting with their client.

The approach you take to challenges compromising your program is vital. If you havenıt learned to prioritize your training and nutrition, do so.

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