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Thoughts on ... Being Outside and Inside (II).

By Louise LeBrun - Managing Partner - Partners in Renewal, Inc.

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Spending time inside - in quiet and solitude - brings its own experience of movement, warmth and flow. Like finding yourself in the vast expanses of the Alaska wilderness, you don't seek finds you. And it comes to you in the cry of the wolves piercing the stillness or the feel of the wind as it sweeps across your skin.

Truth happens like this, too. Raising your awareness of its presence with a sharp point, penetrating the fragile boundaries of your illusions. Or sometimes, in gentle but ever-increasing pulsations of awareness, leaving you incapable of maintaining the façade.

Like being outside renews and revitalizes, with the cold, crisp air of a January day making it impossible not to notice - 100%! - your connection to the elements, so the inside of us draws our attention, leaving an undeniable recognition of the vast inner landscapes that make us who we are.

Like anything else in life, use it or lose it! Perhaps our sense of familiarity would be greatly enhanced by an increase in the frequency of our visits. And, as we acclimatize, the length of our stays begin to extend until soon, without ever having noticed the moment of its turning, we begin to long for a return to our inner sanctum; to that vast, expansive place inside us, where only we can go.

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