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Thoughts on ... Being Outside and Inside (III).

By Louise LeBrun - Managing Partner - Partners in Renewal, Inc.

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The next time you're outside, allow yourself to go inside and connect to what keeps calling to you. As you roam through those snow-covered places, so too allow yourself to know the movement through those places inside you. And when the two become one, when who you are on the outside begins to match who you are on the inside, the surge of energy that moves through space and time will be greater than you had ever dreamed possible. To continue to live life with only one, when both are your birthright, will only leave you searching for the missing piece. Like the inside and the outside of what you already know, they've always been there. All you have to do is step in.

Louise LeBrun, Partners in Renewal Inc., (, provides education and public speaking services on professional development, organizational change and personal growth; as well as Certification training in NLP and Quantum TLC(TM). Author of the book Fully Alive From 9 to 5!

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