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Letting Go Of Emotional Turbulence (I).

By Bradford Smith.

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Let me ask you, are you more or less effective when you are upset? Do you find yourself stuck at times in your life by anger, frustration, fear, guilt, and similar emotions? If so, here is a step-by-step approach adapted in part from the book, Do Less, Achieve More by Chin-Ning Chu.

1)- DON'T SUPPRESS. Letting go of your emotions doesn't mean to avoid feeling them or suppressing them. Suppressing your emotions can be harmful to your health, resulting in a myriad of physical ailments including heart disease, strokes and ulcers. Instead of suppressing your emotions, become unattached to them. How?

2)- CAUSE YOUR UPSET. One of the most effective ways I've found to become unattached to an upset is to actually 'cause' it. Having something happen that results in your automatically being upset is different from recognizing the upset and causing it in a responsible manner.

You may find it's actually quite difficult to stay upset when you're causing it rather than simply being at the effect of it, and it can help you move through it and reach detachment sooner.

3)- WRITE IT OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM. For many people writing about their emotional upsets can be a great way to dissapate the energy. The best way to write about your emotions is to not think about writing but simply write. Pour it all out on the paper. Let the words flow directly from your heart to your fingers without detouring through your brain first.

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