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Letting Go Of Emotional Turbulence (II).

By Bradford Smith.

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4)- WHAT REALLY HAPPENED? Once you've unattached yourself from the angst of your emotions, you are better able to deal with what really happened. As Detective Friday used to say in Dragnet, 'Just the facts.' What happened is almost always different from what you reacted to.

What caused the reaction was what you made up about what happened. Someone say, 'We're cutting your bonus 50%,' is different from 'My jerk of a boss is stingy and uncaring and let me tell you what he did recently that proves it.' Few people in life deal with what's really happening -- only the most effective ones.

5. GET THAT WE LIVE IN A 'NO ACCIDENT' UNIVERSE. Since we're designed to make meaning out of everything, why not make up some new meaning about what happened that will empower life? Notice I said empowers life, not 'empowers you.' Of course, you're part of life so you're included but look beyond yourself.

What meaning could you attribute to the situation that will empower everyone involved? One great place to look is what's the hidden lesson the Universe is trying to teach you. If you've just gone through a huge upset, chances are that you've been offered the lesson many other times. Isn't it time to learn it so you can move on?

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