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Creating Special Moments (II).

By Bradford Smith.

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Here are some of the actions I've taken to keep my work fresh, alive and engaging:

1)- Since I love candles, I keep 2-3 of them on my desk. Prior to a coaching call I often light one to remind me to shine my light of purpose into my clients life.

2)- I also keep 2-3 of my favorite music CDs on my desk and play one in the background either prior to a coaching call or during the call. It helps to sooth me and keep me in a space of spiritual serenity.

3)- I've created a new office outdoors. When my wife bought me a hammock for my 50th birthday, I put it up out side my office windows and turned it into a 'peaceful place on purpose.'

I often take coaching calls from there, as well as using it for pure relaxation.

What actions could you take this week to create special moments to interrupt your regular routine? Whatever you come up with that's how to turn this thought provoker into action.


This week, identify at least 3 places where you're stuck in a 'routine rut,' then come up with at least 3 different actions your could take in each area to break out.

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