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A Simpler Way of Life (I).

By Bradford Smith.

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Perhaps you woke up one morning to realize the old joke is true: 'Even if you finish the rat race in first, you're still a rat.'

Or maybe, the thought crept in more slowly, wedging itself into your consciousness while sitting in the five o'clock traffic jam as you commute home. However it appeared, you now realize it's time for a change to a simpler way of life.

But how do you start? These 10 steps will provide you with guidance to propel you along the path.

1)- The 1st step may be the easiest for many people because by the time you're reading this it may already have been accomplished. That is making up your heart and mind that it's time to simplify, even better if the decision has moved to the level of being committed. If not, don't worry. It's quite possible to test the waters of simple living before diving in.

2)- A helpful realization to tag on to the decision to simplify is to realize that it's a process most easily and simply accomplished slowly and mindfully. Bringing the 'rat race mentality' of drive, determination and 'get the job done no matter what' can be self defeating. So, ease up and enjoy the ride.

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