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A Simpler Way of Life (II).

By Bradford Smith.

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3)- The next step may be a little more difficult, but it can be accomplished by everyone, even those who consider themselves the exception. Carve out a little space and time for self reflection.

Maybe it's 1 night a week, or a few lunch breaks where you take your bag lunch to a quiet park bench, or a weekend when you tell everyone you're going away and then you don't. Or you go go somewhere quiet and serene with only one agenda -- to be with yourself.

It's fine to take your family as long as they agree to participate in the purpose of the trip, which is step 4, 5 and 6.

4)- In the carved out space and time begin to examine what's truly important to you. What gives you joy, satisfaction, fulfillment, what makes you laugh or cry movingly.

Look beyond just the momentary surface level stuff and see what provides deeper moments of meaning. Remember back to your childhood years. Were there moments with your family that, while they may have appeared routine in the moment, you now remember fondly?

5)- While examining what brings joy and satisfaction to your life, also spend some time examining your values. As you do, notice whether your current life is consistent with those values.

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