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A Simpler Way of Life (III).

By Bradford Smith.

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If not, where have they been compromised, and how might a simpler, less complex life allow for a renewal of those values.

6)- Last of all look at your life to see where it's primarily being shaped by a particular lifestyle, as in the 'keeping up with the Jones mentality' and where it's being shaped by your values.

One useful way to do this is to draw a line down the middle of a page of paper. On one side write 'Lifestyle-based Life,' on the other write 'Value-based Life.'

Then, looking at your life write down whatever fits under the two headings. For example, does the car or cars you own represent your values or your lifestyle, how about where you live - the home and neighborhood, how about your job, how much or little you're involved in the community, etc.

By the way, there's nothing wrong with lifestyle. It's just not a very good way to shape a life if you're interested in joy and satisfaction. There are also no right answers. Each person must look and make the call for themselves.

7)- By this time in the process you'll probably see some areas that could benefit from simplification since it appears that a 'value-based life' and a simple life go hand-in-hand.

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