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A Simpler Way of Life (VI).

By Bradford Smith.

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9)- Many people realize from step 8 that one big area of their life that could be simplified and that would have an accumulative effect elsewhere is to eliminate their debt.

Debt free living is a great way to live life. I call it living a life paid in full. Much of the lifestyle we've come to expect and take for granted in this country comes with an incredibly high price tag, especially when we're 'buying now and paying later.'

Besides YMORL another beneficial resource on debt elimination is the FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE NETWORK LIMITED (FINL). FINL provides simple and effective methods to eliminate all debt within 5-7 years for most people while also providing the inspiration and encouragement to keep you on track.

10)- The last step is patience and persistence. Remember, it's taken most people years, perhaps even generations to develop the complex lives they live. It's unrealistic to think it can be all turned around at once.

Besides, it's the journey that we're here for, not the destination. Enjoy the ride.

W. Bradford Swift is director of Life On Purpose Institute -- an organization dedicated to people clarifying their life purpose and living true to it -- where he is a coach, writer and trainer for other coaches. Hundreds of his articles have appeared in such diverse publications as Modern Maturity, Hope, New Age Journal, Yoga Journal, and many others.

He may be contacted by email:; by phone: 1-800-668-0183; or visit the Life On Purpose Institute website: For a FREE subscription to Purposeful Pondering Ezine, send an email to


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