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Nine Ways To Get The Most Out Of Living Your Life Purpose (II).

By Bradford Smith.

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3)- Begin sharing your life purpose with others. While your life purpose may recide within you, where it truly lives is out in the world in the listening of others. If you don't share it, it won't be long before it goes out of existence, or becomes only a distant memory, something you once said but that ultimately made no lasting difference in your life.

4)- Create different ways to say your life purpose. Practice sharing your life purpose in ways that fit your audience. Find ways to share it so the essence of your life purpose is captured even though it might be said with different words.

5)- Start having your actions be shaped by your life purpose. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to create Purpose Projects in various areas of your life. Purpose Projects are expressions of your life purpose because they come directly from your purpose.

They are what takes the possibility or vision of a life purpose and puts it into reality. Therefore, a Purpose Projects will have specific results or outcomes that can be measured. While you're interested in producing these results, Purpose Projects are really about you expressing yourself as your life purpose.

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