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Nine Ways To Get The Most Out Of Living Your Life Purpose (III).

By Bradford Smith.

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6)- Allow your life purpose to continue to evolve. As you practice these steps your purpose will begin to take on a life of its own. Since it isn't something carved in stone, it will evolve to the next level over time. Allow your intuitive nature to guide you along this evolutionary path.

7)- Involve others in your life purpose. As you become more comfortable at sharing and living your life purpose, you will become a powerful attractive force in the world because people who are living their life on purpose are very attractive.

As this happens, resources will be drawn to you that will allow you to continue to express your life purpose. Some of those resources will be other people, who will either have a similar life purpose or see the possibility of their expressing their own life purpose with you. Enjoy the company.

8)- Allow the 'stuff' of your current life that doesn't support your life purpose to drop away. While there's an additive effect to life purpose, there is also a subtracting effect as well. A lot of your life up to this point has been shaped by your 'inherited purpose,' that fear-based drive for survival.

So, much of what's been in your life to support your inherited purpose will begin to drop away. This may include people who were in your life to support your inherited purpose, jobs that were based in your inherited purpose, many other things. While this can be disturbing and disruptive, it helps to recognize if for what it is.

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