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Takers For Granted (I).

By Bradford Smith.

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Are you a taker? No, I don't mean that in the normal sense of the word. Are you someone who takes things for granted? What things, you ask? Well, the important yet subtle things which are often on the edge of our consciousness just waiting to be discovered, and sometimes are right in front of our noses, wishing we'd open our eyes.

I love to awake early in the morning, around 6 am, so I can spend the quiet birth hours of a new day on my deck, where I read and occasionally write, as in this moment. I was reading from one of my favorite books, A Touch of Wonder by Arthur Gordon and a short phrase drew my attention. 'I, too, a taker-for-granted...'

It started me to thinking. I didn't wonder if he was talking about me. I knew, intuitively, that he was, to me and to everyone else reading his book. No, instead I asked, 'What am I taking for granted?' For me, a much more revealing question.

Even as I walked quietly into my office to get my laptop computer, I almost missed the masterpiece of still life art before me. It was my daughter, Amber, asleep on the futon in the living room. She's 'going through a phrase' where she doesn't want to sleep in her room upstairs because monsters might climb in the window, so she sacks out each night on the futon.

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