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Thoughts On... Creativity And Daily Living (I).

By Louise LeBrun - Managing Partner - Partners In Renewai, Inc - Ottawa, Canada - -

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The notion of creativity is often linked to what we would consider exceptional achievements, like the art of Picasso, the invention of the laptop or the sleek design of the space shuttle. But for most of us, creativity brings its greatest rewards when it expresses quietly and much closer to home.

The dictionary defines 'creativity' as the act of causing to exist; to bring into being, give rise to, bring about. The very nature of the word itself implies bringing into existence that which does not already exist.

And yet for most of us, our daily lives are filled with the repetitive and the habituated. We move through the basic routine of getting up, getting ready and going to work with one sequence of habits after another, rarely if ever noticing that we are engaging this repetitive process, day after day after day after...

We find ourselves lamenting the state of our lives, looking around us and trying to future out what's 'wrong' with our lives; with our work; with our friends and family.

Yet maybe there's nothing 'wrong' at all. Maybe what's missing is a creative outlook - a different perspective or new world view - on what's already there.

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