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Thoughts On... Creativity And Daily Living (III).

By Louise LeBrun - Managing Partner - Partners In Renewai, Inc - Ottawa, Canada - -

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When was the last time that I actually chose my response instead of just acting out of habit? What is it that always doing x allows me to continue to not pay attention to? What would happen to the quality of my life if I did something else instead? Who would support me and who would be angry/sad?

The answers to these questions may not come easily, and you certainly won't find them in anyone else's mind. These questions may even lead to those dark moments of the soul, where uncertainty can sometimes feel like that great gasp for breath - the one that will expand you into a new level of expression.

And as Ilya Prigogine - one of the finest minds in theoretical physics - once said: "The future is uncertain...but this uncertainty is at the very heart of human creativity."

Louise LeBrun, Partners in Renewal Inc., (, provides education and public speaking services on professional development, organizational change and personal growth; as well as Certification training in NLP and Quantum TLC(TM). Author of the book Fully Alive From 9 to 5!

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