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Photograph Your Children (I).

By Colleen Moulding.

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1)- Get to know your camera. Half an hour spent reading the instruction book and getting to know what your camera can do, really will be time well spent. Practice using the camera without film until you feel confident with the controls.

Practice holding the camera very firmly when pressing the shutter, as any movement will result in a blurred picture. Tucking your arms tightly into your body helps to avoid this. Or look around for something to support the camera. A wall, a ledge, seat or tree branch would be ideal.

2)- Get in close. Fill the viewfinder with your subject and you are sure to improve your pictures. A telephoto or zoom lens is obviously the easiest way to do this but even with a compact camera you can usually get much closer than you think. Consult your instruction book. Getting down to your child's level will make this easier and and improve the shot too.

3)- Look carefully at the background. We've all seen photographs of people with lamp posts or telegraph poles growing out of their heads, but it's the less obvious background muddles that often ruin pictures. The washing on the line in the garden or clutter on the sofa or table. Change your position if you cannot change the child's.

4)- Turn the camera round. Taking the picture with your camera in the vertical position can be an easy way to cut out a lot of unnecessary background and give you more of the child in the shot.

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