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Photograph Your Children (II).

By Colleen Moulding.

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If using your camera this way up feels strange, practice without film until it feels comfortable. Using your camera in this position avoids a lot of cut off heads and feet too.

5)- Photograph children in their natural environment. Pictures taken in their bedrooms surrounded by toys, crawling out of their den in the garden or hanging from the climbing frame in the park are much more likely to be successful than formally posed shots in their best clothes perched on the edge of the sofa.

Photograph them when they're grubby and scruffy as well as in their Sunday best.

6)- Become invisible. The very best natural, unposed pictures wilL be taken when your child is totally unaware of your existence. This can be acheived by the use of a telephoto or zoom lens or just by being so quiet that they forget about you.

If this is impossible, the other trick is to talk to them about what they are doing, thus turning their attention back to the activity and away from the camera.

If you feel that flash lights will frighten your baby or distract your child, use a fast film, 400 or higher, and you should be able to take photographs indoors in a fairly bright room without flash.

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