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Photograph Your Children (III).

By Colleen Moulding.

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Side lighting from a window can be effective but don't place your children directly in front of a window or their faces will be in shadow.

7)- Sea, sand and sky. Is there anything more depressing than getting back the prints of your family on that paradise beach to find them all pictured as black silhouettes against a perfectly exposed sky?

This happens because the large amount of back light tricks the camera's exposure meter into thinking that the whole scene is receiving lots of light, but as we have seen, faces are in shadow.

The only way to correct this is to use fill in flash to lighten the shadows, or a large piece of white card, held just out of shot, to reflect light back on to the faces.

Check your instruction book again as some cameras have a back light compensation switch especially to help solve this problem. Avoid shooting at midday as this is when the shadows will be harshest.

Try to move your child so that the light falls from the side if possible.

8)- Dressing up. Having a few props ready can make for a fun session. Hats are a favourite with children, but shawls, flowers, baskets and dressing up clothes as well as toys and teddies will all help you compose interesting pictures, especially when children do the unexpected with them!

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