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Photograph Your Children (IV).

By Colleen Moulding.

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Don't necessarily go for a smile on every shot, try to capture a whole range of expressions.

9)- Sports and action shots. There are two ways of photographing action. The first is to use a high shutter speed which, like flash, will effectively freeze the motion, giving a sharp picture but losing the sense of movement.

The second method is panning, or following the child with the camera. Focus on the spot where your child will be arriving and follow the action with the camera, pressing the shutter very smoothly and keeping the pan going for a few seconds afterwards.

This results in a sharp picture of your child but with a streaked background giving a much better feel of the action. Remember it is easier to photograph motion that is coming towards you than passing by in front.

10)- Collecting your prints from the processor need not be the end of the story. Why not have your prints enlarged so that you can hang them on the wall and enjoy them every day. Or scan them into your computer and set them as wallpaper or make them into screensavers.

If there is a problem with Aunt Sally's slippers in the left hand corner, many processing houses offer selective enlargements where they will just enlarge the part you want.

It is also possible to have your photographs printed on to a paper that gives the look of a painting on canvas, or you can have pictures made into posters, puzzles, table mats, even mugs and plates.

Happy snapping!

© Colleen Moulding 2000

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