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Easy Christmas Homestyle (I).

By Colleen Moulding.

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Harvest nature's Christmas decorations. Fill your largest vase or pitcher with branches of red berries for instant impact. Be sure to keep them where children can't reach them or any berries that fall.

Gather cones and pile them into baskets interspersed with a few that you have sprayed gold or some pretty baubles.

Secure a branch into a pot with Polyfilla or other quick drying cement. Spray white, gold, silver, green, red or whatever. Add baubles, ribbons, iced cookies or painted salt dough shapes for an inexpensive tree that children would love to make for themselves.

Dream theme. Choose a shelf or sideboard and only display there cards and decorations in a certain combination of colours, e.g. red and green, gold and silver. This is very quick and easy to do yet always looks stylish.

Inexpensive bead chains can be looped around curtains as pretty Christmas tie backs.

Save little boxes, matchbox size and over, and wrap them with oddments of gift wrap. Use as decorations or display on the tree.

If you want to completely change your tree's colour scheme, this can be a very economical way to do it as all you need to buy is a couple of sheets of gift wrap and some parcel ribbon.

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