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Converting Recipes To Lowfat (II).

By Rachel Paxton -

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Turkey bacon contains little fat (it is usually about 97 percent fat free). It still doesn't have a lot of nutritional value, but it is relatively low in fat and will give you a little protein. It tastes considerably different from regular bacon, but it is very good!

Tuna can be purchased packed in oil or water. Tuna packed in water contains almost no fat. Tuna packed in oil contains considerably more fat.

Lowfat cream of mushroom and chicken soups are now available at your grocery store. Check the labels to see which one is lowest in total fat grams per serving.

For the recipes that require milk, skim milk can be used without sacrificing flavor.

For recipes call for cheddar cheese, there are low-fat and non-fat varieties of cheddar cheese. The lowfat variety work well in these types of recipes. The nonfat cheeses usually do not melt very well and aren't great for cooking.

Lowfat or nonfat sour cream, cottage cheese, cream cheese, and mayonnaise can be used without sacrificing any flavor.

Butter can be eliminated from some recipes. When browning onions, hamburger, etc., you can spray your skillet with nonstick spray or use chicken or beef broth instead of butter to cook with.

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