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Home Baked Bread and Rolls, Made Simple! (I).

By Pam Severance - The Country Sunshine.

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My Mother, upon watching me mix up a batch of home made Orange Rolls, made the comment that I was the last of a dying breed. In a way- she was right! It seems that in our society of simple to prepare foods, we have lost the art of bread baking. My generation, commonly called "Generation-X" has never been called upon to bake bread for necessity, we can just go to the store and buy it! I believe, however, that we should not let this tradition fade away! Baking bread and rolls at home is not as difficult as you think-with today's modern tools we have in our kitchens, plus a really good recipe, baking bread at home is alot easier than you think!

Here are a few tips-

The first tool you need for baking bread at home is a good quality mixer. KitchenAid makes a high quality stand mixer that is powerful enough to easily mix your doughs and pastries. The mixers are available in 3 different models- Classic, Heavy Duty and Professional. I prefer the Heavy Duty model as it has a larger bowl capacity and a bit more power than the classic model.

The recipe you choose to use will greatly influence the type and texture of your bread. Yesterday's bread recipes required rising for several hours- not so today! There are many great recipes that are quick and easy, and produce a wonderful quality of bread. My personal favorite follows:

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